Fractional Hub — A CoOperative Community.

FractionalHub Members

As more tokenised investment funds are being launched by the Fractional Hub, having our community split amongst numerous chat groups for every different CoOp across Facebook/Telegram and Discord, creates a fragmented community and reduces compatibility between our tokenised funds.

Creating a central community hub for our CoOperative Spokes would increase awareness between Cooperative funds and allow members to gain insights on what else the Fractional Hub community is up to.

What's more, this would serve to also increase liquidity and tradability between different tokenised opportunities within the Fractional Hub.
Thus, making it easier for members to gain exposure across varied pools of blue-chip NFT assets with the ability to view all token funds under a single Opensea Collection and contract— “Fractional Hub”. (With the exception of shares, that's a different contract was put together before this idea of a condensed community was formulated).

Keeping the Club Premium and Cutting out the noise.

Soon we will issue “Fractional Hub Memberships”, these will be airdropped to our awesome OG CoOp members who have participated in previous CoOps — (CloneX CoOp, GNSS CoOp, Satoshi-Island CoOp and OtherSide-Land CoOp).

Only 1 FractionalHub membership NFT will be offered to each member of these existing CoOps who participated in a past raise event, if you are a member of multiple CoOps, you will still only receive 1 FractionalHub membership NFT.

Holding a FractionalHub membership will offer exclusive access to our new clubhouse on Discord. This will be used to coordinate new raise events, discuss opportunities, collaborate and do governance of CoOperatives.

To participate in future raise events and community governance, FractionalHub membership and access to our Premium clubhouse Private channels will be required.

FractionalHub Members

If you’ve never participated in one of our Community CoOperative raise events before, but you would like to, you will have a chance to secure a membership at a fair price.

Once initial memberships have been airdropped to our existing CoOp contributor community, non CoOp members will have a chance to join us and purchase a membership from our FractionalHub Opensea page to gain access to the Fractional Hub and the Premium Services it provides.

More on the Tokenomics of memberships will come soon.

Tho It has to be a mixture of exclusivity, but allows for some future entrants without being unattainable, a fixed-listed supply with scaling sales prices for future memberships would likely be the answer.

We are Eyeing off our next Blue chip project and our Next Community raise event looks to be coming in hot and is set for soon.

Access to this CoOp will only be offered to those holding an exclusive FractionalHub Membership.

General Access to our FractionalHub Community has just Opened,

Together, we all gonna make it!

FractionalHub Members

Join us here for future Opportunities.

FractionalHub Discord:

FractionalHub Twitter:

FractionalHub Opensea Marketplace:

Satoshi-Island CoOperative - Island Development Fund (SICFund)

FractionalHub Members




Founder of FractionalHub/ Founder and Co-Signer of the SICFoundation MultiSig wallet.

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Justin Davies

Justin Davies

Founder of FractionalHub/ Founder and Co-Signer of the SICFoundation MultiSig wallet.

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